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Adrian L. Ford founded the Fitchburg chapter of Three Pyramids Community and Economic Development Corporation in 1971. In 1972 he became the Chief Executive Officer of the state-wide agency, a position he continues to hold. In 1973 Three Pyramids received a grant from the Episcopal Church of New York to provide relief supplies and support to soldiers in West Africa fighting for their country’s freedom. Adrian worked at the United Nation with ambassadors from other countries to coordinate the grant. In


1992 Adrian co-founded the North Central Massachusetts Minority Coalition, better known as The Minority Coalition, which is a multicultural and multi- sector collaborative working for racial, gender and economic equity in the North Central Region.


Adrian has produced and hosted “Freedom Means” Three Pyramids “UPI” Award Winning Radio Program since 1974. He has hosted network as well as public access television programs. He has been a columnist for the Sentinel and Enterprise Newspaper. He has served as a consultant, writer, and trainer to a wide variety of public and private policy officials, educators, businesses and neighborhood groups.


Three Massachusetts governors have appointed Adrian to some of the state’s highest level policy boards including Education Reform, Workforce Development, School-to-Work, and Business and Economic Development.


In the early 1990’s Adrian was hired as the first Executive Director for the Massachusetts Association of Community Action Programs (MASSCAP) which is the state association of the 25 Community Action Programs with budgets ranging from 16 to 90 million dollars, and with over 3,500 employees.


Adrian has been honored for his contributions to Massachusetts communities in a variety of ways, including being named one of Fitchburg State College’s 100 Most Historically Influential Leaders during the college’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in 1994.


Adrian’s undergraduate studies include Mount Wachusett Community College and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services along with a Master’s Degree in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University Graduate School of Business.

Adrian passed away in January 2021. His work will impact generations to come, and Three Pyramids is honored to carry his legacy into the future.

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